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Our Assistance to Afghan Refugees

GIVE NOW. In the coming months, tens of thousands of Afghani refugees will be resettled in the United States. The large majority of these people have assisted the US military and intelligence communities as translators, drivers, logistics workers, and in other important ways over the past 20 years. The Taliban has made clear in the […]

A Torn Veil and Open Doors

Watch a talk given by Brian Newman entitled “A Torn Veil and Open Doors” about valuing the “other” in our lives. Click on the photo to view the message. https://lwccyork.com/messages/a-torn-veil-and-open-doors/

Encountering the Person of Peace

You know when you find him – the “person of peace.” Welcoming, calm and relaxed, inquisitive, warm, kind, always looking out for the other. Some places in the world are so divided that it is astonishing when a person of peace crosses your path. I had this immeasurable pleasure in the Kurdish region of Iraq. […]

Help the House of Blessing

The House of Blessing in Amman, Jordan assists Iraqi refugees who have been displaced by war over the past decade. We serve more than 100 families by providing Winter supplies (heaters, blankets, jackets, etc.), food parcels, and assistance with language learning, business start up, and legal aid. To support House of Blessings, click here and […]

Holy Land Trip Concludes

We finished our most recent “Not Your Grandmother’s Holy Land Tour” with 25 participants. This year we expanded the itinerary by a day and included more speakers and sites. Next year we will host two tours. Details and registration to follow in January, 2019.

Elias Nawawieh Joins the Team

The Isaac Ishmael Initiative is excited to announce that Elias Nawawieh is joining the team. Elias is a Palestinian Christian who grew up in Bethlehem. He has worked for several years to serve refugees communities in Jordan and he will continue his work under Isaac Ishmael. Elias works closely with Good Shepherd Travel to co-lead […]