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Holy Land Trips

The Holy Land is central to all of the Abrahamic Faiths. The biblical narrative unfolded in this land over thousands of years. Many Christians, Jews, and Muslims are drawn to the land as a pilgrimage.

Displaced Persons and Migration

The “Arab Spring” (2011) began an unprecedented era of more than a decade when people from the Middle East and North Africa have been displaced. This migration has ebbed and flowed with millions of people seeking refuge in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, and the USA. We work to come alongside some of these people and provide practical ways forward.

Advocating for Minority Groups

Tens of thousands of Christian, Yazidi, Kurdish and other minority population have been displaced over the past decade. These are among the most At Risk people in the world. From Iraq to Jordan to Lebanon, The Isaac Ishmael Initiative works with local partners to provide long-term solutions for these groups. 


We offer a variety of seminars and events to help inspire and educate people on the beliefs and traditions of the Abrahamic faiths. Our focus is always on how the life and teaching of Jesus intersects these traditions and issues we address.

Our seminars include:

  • Passover Seders
  • Speaking Peace Together seminar
  • A Jew, an Arab, and a White Guy Walk into a Church

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