We offer a variety of seminars, activities, and events to help inspire and educate people on the three Abrahamic faiths. Our focus is first and foremost on how the life and teaching of Jesus intersects these traditions and the complex issues we face today.

Passover Seders

The Seder retells the epic story of how God delivered the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. We celebrate it today in a similar way to how Jesus might have and we connect how He is the fulfilled of the Passover

Speaking Peace Together Seminar

Our seminar is based on the book written by Ashraf Abutieh, Brian Newman, and Jeff Eagan. We focus on practical steps everyone can take to become peacemakers in our time.

A Jew, an Arab, and a White Guy
Walk into a Church

How do people from wildly divergent backgrounds grow to become friendship and begin to overcome their differences? We share our personal stories of overcoming our own prejudices and learning to respect “the other.”

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