Jordan and Beyond
Refugee Assistance

Tens of thousands of Christian, Yazadi, and other minority groups have fled Iraq due to warfare and persecution over the past decade. Many have gone to Jordan and live in limbo in places such as Amman (the capital). They are unable to go to a United Nations refugee camp for fear of persecution in the camps as well.

Elias Nawawieh leads our effort to provide assistance to refugee families in Amman. In partnership with a local church, we distribute winter supplies to families (jackets, blankets, other clothes) and food packets to new arrivals. In addition, we connect individuals to medical care in crisis situations.

Our newest efforts help refugees start small businesses so they can begin to provide for themselves as they go through the asylum process.

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Help the People of Beirut

A deadly explosion rocked the capitol of Lebanon in early August. More than 100 people died in the blast and thousands have been left homeless.

The Isaac Ishmael Initiative is partnering with local Beirut-based organizations to provide critical care for the homeless and injured, including temporary housing, food, and clothing. Click here to give now. Select “LEBANON EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE” in the menu.