Ashraf Atieh

Born and raised in a Muslim family, Ashraf was groomed from a young age to become the next leader of the family after his grandfather. He lived as a committed Muslim until the age of 15 when He started to question some ideas about God in Islam.

A friend showed Ashraf what it meant to live in a Christ-like way, and spurred him to search out answers to questions about Christ. When Ashraf was 18, the Lord answered his prayers through a radio program based on a message from John 3:16. He gave his life to Christ and God showed Ashraf how He sacrificed His Son for him.

Ashraf has earned two Bachelors degrees, in Law and Theology. He practiced Law for a number of years before going into ministry. Ashraf started as a Subject Matter Expert at Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Lebanon, writing theological courses for Muslim background people in the Middle East and North Africa concentration. 

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