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Learning Peace From a Land With Little of It

I am writing from the Kurdish region of Iraq – a place that has known little peace for so long. Nonetheless, I am with people who love peace and seek peace. Their slogan is “waging peace in a broken world.” They are younger Kurds who are working for a very different future than their parents […]

A Torn Veil and Open Doors

Watch a talk given by Brian Newman entitled “A Torn Veil and Open Doors” about valuing the “other” in our lives. Click on the photo to view the message. https://lwccyork.com/messages/a-torn-veil-and-open-doors/

Encountering the Person of Peace

You know when you find him – the “person of peace.” Welcoming, calm and relaxed, inquisitive, warm, kind, always looking out for the other. Some places in the world are so divided that it is astonishing when a person of peace crosses your path. I had this immeasurable pleasure in the Kurdish region of Iraq. […]